Nutrition Pet Diet Tips Are Eggs Good For Dogs? Everything You Need To Know

Are Eggs Good For Dogs? Everything You Need To Know

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As a dog owner you will appreciate that dog food can appear boring. It’s not like your dog can tell you what it likes or not, it may even be happy with what it has.

Of course, wild dogs and the predecessors of our domestic dogs, used to find eggs in bird nests and help themselves, proving that dogs can eat eggs.

But, does that mean that you should be feeding eggs to your dog, and should they be eating boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or simply raw egg whites? Is cooking eggs good for dogs, it’s certainly a common food choice for humans with upset stomachs.

The Health Benefits Of Eggs For Dogs

What may surprise you is not that dogs can eat eggs, but that they should be, there is an array of health benefits associated with eating them; eggs are good for your dog!

The main health benefit is the fact they are full of nutrition. Eggs contain plenty of protein which is essential for the maintenance of healthy muscles and bones in humans and dogs. It’s not just protein, you will find essential amino acids and fatty acids in eggs, alongside vitamins A and B12, iron, folate, and riboflavin. These all contribute to your dog’s health, improving coat quality, boosting tooth strength, and even improving the metabolism of your favorite pet.

Although eggs are extremely beneficial, you should not make these the primary ingredient in their diet. Eggs are a supplement to high-quality dog food, a means of getting additional nutrients into your pet. Ideally mix them with your dog food in a slow feeding bowl to maximize the benefit.

Alternatively give them a bowl of eggs with a light sprinkling of cheese as a special treat.

Eggs are great at settling human stomachs and they can have the same effect on a dog’s stomach. It is advisable to consult with your vet first to ensure they are happy with your food choice and unaware of any potential side-effects. This is especially true if your dog is overweight, currently on medication or suffers from food allergies.

Concerns When Feeding Eggs To Dogs

It is important to be aware of any potential issues as this will allow you to react promptly before your dog becomes ill.

While a dog’s stomach is capable of eating raw food, particularly raw eggs that does not mean it’s all good. Raw eggs can carry the bacteria Salmonella which causes food poisoning in humans. If you are handling raw eggs you will be at risk of contracting this infection, as will your dog who is eating the eggs.

Salmonella causes your dog to vomit and have diarrhea, in some cases, they display no symptoms at all. In others, they will lose their appetite, become dehydrated, have swollen lymph nodes, and even develop bad skin. In rare cases the disease can even be fatal. You will want to see your vet immediately.

You should also be aware that feeding your dog raw egg whites for an extended period of time can cause a biotin deficiency. Eggs have an enzyme that prevents the absorption of biotin, this substance helps the dog to have healthy skin while boosting metabolism and the digestive mechanism.

Eggs are also full of carbohydrates and fat which means feeding too many of them to your dog will result in an overweight or even obese dog.

You can avoid both these issues by cooking them before you serve eggs to your dog. Of course, you should cook the eggs without any other additives as dogs do not need additional oil, salt, or even sugar. Your dog, despite what they will eat, has a surprisingly bland pallet and will be happiest with plain eggs.

Other Foods That Are Good For Dogs

Your dog may stare at you sadly as you eat, wishing you would drop some of your food for them, but, that does not mean you should. You should actually undertake clicker training to stop this bad habit. Not all human food is good for a dog, especially anything processed.

Bowl of rice. Part of the "Are Eggs Good For Dogs? Everything You Need To Know" article.
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If you want to give them an extra treat then choose a dog-friendly food such as pumpkin, carrot, apples, white rice, peanut butter, plain popcorn, or even some fish. They will be grateful for any of these things. They may even enjoy bananas, cucumber, and melons which are all packed with vitamins.

However, you should never feed them avocado, cherries, raisins, grapes, citrus fruit, coconut, cinnamon, ice cream, or caffeine/chocolate. There is a lot of controversy about feeding your dog raw chicken as well. This is not an exhaustive list of foods to avoid but certainly some of the more common examples.

Final Thoughts

If you feed your dog from your plate or the table while you eat they will come to expect it and be a nuisance. That’s why whenever you indulge your loyal companion you should place the food into their bowl, keeping the action separate from when you eat.

Eggs are good for dogs and can be fed to them. But, as with most things in life, the key is moderation. You need to maintain balance in their food to ensure they have the nutrients they need without having too many. This is essential for your dog’s health and quality of life, feeding them eggs is simply part of this process.

The fact that it will endear them to you further can also be treated as a bonus!


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