Nutrition Pet Diet Tips Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin: The Quick Answer You'll Want To Know

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin: The Quick Answer You’ll Want To Know

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The simple answer is yes, dogs can eat pumpkin.

Of course, nothing is that simple, there are things you need to be aware of before you let your dog loose on the Halloween pumpkin!

Fresh pumpkin can be fed to your dog but not your Halloween pumpkin that’s been sat outside for days. It’s collecting bacteria, that’s bad for your dog’s diet.

Likewise, canned organic pumpkin is okay for your dog, as are pumpkin seeds, but that pumpkin pie filling is not. It contains sugars and artificial sweeteners that can make your dog ill.

Feeding pumpkin to your dogs should be considered akin to dog treats and not a replacement for regular dog food. However, don’t make this the only treat. You can get some great dog toys to help keep your dog healthy.

Pumpkin Health Facts For Dogs

The great news is that pumpkin flesh isn’t just safe for dogs, it’s actually beneficial. Some health benefits include:

  • Dogs Digestive System

Pumpkin flesh is a great source of fiber. Puree the pumpkin and feed your dog a tablespoon with each meal, it will help to keep them regular.

A small quantity daily will assist in the treatment of diarrhea or constipation.

  • Weight Loss

All dogs are tempted to overeat, although some are worse than others. Pumpkin contains very few carbohydrates and fats, allowing you to increase consumption with each meal and potentially remove the fatter standard alternative.

They’ll feel full while reducing their calorie intake, promoting weight loss.

  • Urinary Tract

Dogs, (and cats), can suffer from crystals in their urinary tract. This is painful for them and your wallet. Left untreated it can lead to kidney stones.

Fortunately, pumpkin is full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s been suggested these are beneficial for the urinary tract and reduce the development of crystals.

  • General Health Benefits

The oils and antioxidants in pumpkins are beneficial for your dog’s skin. You’ll regard their fur is shiny and fuller-looking.

A daily pumpkin treat will also boost the levels of various important minerals in your dog:

  • Potassium

Potassium is essential to the transmission of electrical signals throughout the body, this is true for humans and dogs. It’s also essential for ongoing cell health. Low and high levels are dangerous, hence the importance of moderation.

  • Iron

Iron maintains hemoglobin levels in the blood which improves the flow of oxygen. That’s essential for overall health.

  • Vitamin A

This vitamin is necessary for your dog’s immune system and maintaining vision. It’s converted by your dog’s body from the beta carotene listed below.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C encourages collagen production which helps to maintain skin elasticity. It also encourages enzymatic reactions.

  • Beta carotene & Vitamin E

These are essential to preventing damaging to cells from free radicals. They effectively protect your dog’s health while maintaining eyesight and hair color.

  • Calcium

Dogs require calcium in substantially the same methodology that humans do, facilitating strong bones and teeth.

The Right Pumpkin Gives A Yes To Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin

In advancement of a vacation, preparation is key, commencing with socializing a puppy, and completing with reviewing all the options to establish the premier example.

The same approach should be adopted before significantly complementing your dog’s diet.

In fact, the best choice is canned pumpkin, preferably organic. It must be plain pumpkin and not a filling. These have a variety of spices and additives that can cause your dog health issues.

It’s also very easy to add a spoonful of pumpkin from a can to your dog’s meal. You should pay attention to how much is reasonable for your dog. In general two teaspoons, a day is okay for small dogs and two tablespoons a day for larger dogs.

Dogs will enjoy and benefit from raw pumpkin or you can cook it. Consuming the seeds and the flesh shouldn’t cause an issue for most pets but, if your dog has diabetes or kidney disease you should talk to your vet first.

Freeze First To Ensure Dogs Eat Pumpkin

Interestingly, pumpkin can be frozen. It’s best to do this as soon as you remove the fresh flesh. Put it into ice cube trays and freeze.

Defrost as and when needed, maintaining freshness. It will spoil quickly if left at room temperature.

Important Tip

There is such a thing as excessive levels of pumpkin for dogs. The body converts Beta Carotene in pumpkin into vitamin A. Unfortunately, too much vitamin A is toxic for a dog.

That’s why small amounts each day should be considered an essential limit.

Pumpkin To Avoid

Pumpkins. Part of the "Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin – The Quick Answer" article.
Photo by Ben Libby on Unsplash

If your preference is fresh pumpkin then avoid prescribing your dog the skin or the stem, this won’t be beneficial to their digestive tract.

It’s also important not to provide them with the gooey pulp in the center of the pumpkin. You can extract the seeds and clean them in advance of baking for an hour at approximately 350°F.

These can be supplied to your dog but it’s advisable to grind them, ensuring they don’t get lodged in their throat.

The Last Paw In The Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Battle

It’s exciting to realize that dogs can eat pumpkin. This is especially true when it smells so good while cooking and your dog is sitting staring at you with their best puppy eyes.

You can add it to their regular food or, if they develop a desire for it, you can simply provide it to them as a treat. It’s theoretically possible to improve fitness by locating. something unusual for the pumpkin in and hiding it.

It should keep them busy. If you’re not sure what unusual objects to hide the pumpkin in, check out these ingenious dog bowls and feeders. They’re certain to inspire you.



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