Pet Parenting Pet Supplies Cat Collars 101: A Beginner Purrent’s Shopping Guide

Cat Collars 101: A Beginner Purrent’s Shopping Guide

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Getting your cat a collar is not as easy as grabbing the first piece you see and just throwing it you’re your shopping cart. A lot of factors need to be carefully considered to ensure that you not only get full value for your money but also get your fur baby something they actually will not mind wearing.

To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of some of the most important factors to consider before making your choice. With this shopping guide, you should be able to find the perfect cat safe collar whether it is your first rodeo or you are looking for a replacement piece.

Let’s get right into it and check out the best pet collar for your beoved pet.

Factors to consider when picking cat collars

The type of cat collar

Cat collars come in different shapes, sizes, and most importantly, designs. When most of us think of cat collars, we think of the traditional type which are simple bands that go around the cat’s neck.

You could always switch things up with a bow-tie style of cat collar. These exist more for aesthetic purposes than anything else but they are still worth looking into.

Another type of cat collar design to consider is the bandana or neckerchief. As with the bow tie, these are popular for dressing up cats. However, they also provide some warmth and are ideal for those fun days out with your feline friend.

Size and adjustability

Size matters more than anything else when it comes to shopping for a cat id collar. Remember that this is something that will be going around one of the most sensitive areas on your pet’s body.

Cats play a lot and move around a lot when they sleep. The last thing you want is for the collar to make them uncomfortable or worse, put them at risk of choking. A cat collar needs to be the same size as one that small dogs would wear.

It is therefore absolutely important that you consider the size before selecting the collar. The good news is that most brands offer sizing charts. You could also get a one-size-fits-all type of collar with adjusting capabilities for a more customized fit.

Fastening mechanism

This is, for the most part, meant to help you use the collar with a lot more ease. Cats really do not like to be restrained so you want something that is easy to put on and take off before they realize what is happening and throw a fit.

The best option here is a click buckle type of collar. However, button-and-hole fastening will still get the job done ok.

While having a secure collar is important, you may also want to consider the safety of the cat in case the collar is caught on anything. This is where the breakaway buckle fastening mechanism comes in handy. This design allows the cat to break free from the collar in the event that it is stuck and maybe choking the pet.

A quick-release collar is essential if you want to be sure that your cat is safe regardless of where they end up. While this goes against the principle of your cat being identifiable and returnable. A collar that releases will prevent your cat from being stuck and vulnerable to predators.

The material used

These collars are exposed to all sorts of things from cat food and saliva to water and grass. You therefore want to get something that will stand the test of time even with all this exposure.

There is also the fact that the collar will be in close contact with the cat’s skin so you should get something that is actually comfortable.

The list of options in this case is almost endless. More often than not, the collars are made from a combination of materials. Polyester is particularly popular with both traditional and aesthetic collars. It offers the benefit of breathability, being soft to touch, and overall durability.

Cotton offers the same benefits and is particularly awesome for neck bandana types of collars. However, it is more expensive and requires more intensive maintenance.

If you are feeling a little fancy, you could get your cat a leather or faux leather collar. These tend to last longer and are definitely easier to maintain. However, adjustability is super important as they can be very unyielding.


There is probably nothing as adorable as a cute cat collar. Most cats may not really care about things like colors or patterns. So this one is a factor you are considering solely for your own benefit and pleasure.

TOP Tip: If you need to encourage our cat to wear the collar cat food treats work well. They allow the cta to forget for amoment and adjust to having a collar.

If you like to dress your cat up, you could get a set with multiple colors just to keep things interesting. If you have been shopping around when you know there are all sorts of options from animal print to holiday themed designed. Just choose what appeals the most to you.

However, it is not always about vanity when it comes to considering aesthetics. Some colors and aesthetic designs could serve functional purposes. The best examples here are reflective or glow-in-the-dark aesthetics. These are especially useful for outdoor cats.


It’s imperative you consider the reputation of the cat collar manufacturer. There is an abundance of collars available on the market. However, you need one that is going to stand the test of time. This is especially relevant if the cat is missing for any period of time.

Verifying the reputation of specific manufacturers can be undertaken via social media. You’ll find an abundance of users content to discuss their experiences with individual collars and specific manufacturers.

Of course, no manufacturer can get it right every time. But, they should be enjoying mostly positive ratings, this will encourage confidence in you prior to your purchase. Equally, negative comments can assist as they provide an insight into how the manufacturer deals with issues.

To bell or not to bell

If you are shopping for a kitten collar, attached accessories like bells are definitely worth considering. These help you keep tabs on the little balls of mischief as they love to hide. It is also important for older cats and can be useful in training them to stop hunting and bringing dead prey back home.

However, the bells may not always be fun to live with especially given the nocturnal nature of cats. The best balance in this case is to get a cat collar where the bell can easily be detached and reattached at will.

ID tags support

One of the main reasons to get a cat collar in the first place is for easy identification. You need to be able to include something whether it is the cat’s name or your address and phone number just in case they wander off and get lost.

For this, you need a cat collar that supports tag attachments or one that comes with its own. This is essential to allow the connection of identification tags.

It’s more than just adding an identification tag. You’ll need to consider carefully what information you wish to include on your cat’s ID tag. A name is essential but it is often better to use your first name and not the cats. It’s never a good idea to allow strangers to know, or discover, your cat’s name.

Equally, providing your first name doesn’t supply enough information for anyone with dubious intentions to act on. Of course, you’ll need a telephone number on the ID tag. This will ensure anyone can call you and let you know if they have found your cat.

Leash attachment capabilities

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog or cat, regular playtime and exercise for your fur baby is unavoidable as a pet parent. Cats in particular are easier to deal with and will often find ways to entertain themselves. However, going out of your way to play or even walk them definitely increases the bond.

With the latter, a collar with a leash attachment is very important. It is important to note that not a lot of cat collars out there are built for this so you will have to search for specially designed units with D rings for attaching leashes.

Special purpose cat collars

In addition to leash attachment, aesthetics, and identification, your cat’s collar could serve other special functions. The best example are infused collars meant for dealing with specific physical and psychological health issues in your cat.

It could be pheromone infused for calming them down, a flea collar with essential oils to repel the bugs, or even a cannabis infused collar for the multiple benefits of CBD oils to cats.

The collar could also be a special correcting collar. These are often fitted with humane correcting mechanisms whether it is static or irritating noises. They are meant to help with different types of training including restricting excessive noise or limiting their access beyond set outdoor boundaries.

Cat on concrete wall. Part of the "Cat Collars 101: A Beginner Purrent’s Shopping Guide" article.
Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

The cost

Costs definitely matter and from the cost of getting your orders shipped to the handling fee, things could add up. You just have to make sure to strike the perfect balance between value for your money and quality.

You could also take advantage of different discounts and “valid only” offers, and perhaps get lucky with free standard shipping brands that save you a lot more. Whatever the case, a good collar will probably not cost more than $20.

Don’t forget you can also get a gift card for a close friend to ensure they get the best possible cat collar for their special pet. Gift cards are idea as they are effectively an offer valid forever.

Personalized cat collars are a great idea but will cost substantially more. Of course, they’ll also make your cat standout, reucing the likelihood of mistakes happening over ownership.


No amount of catalogue pictures and specifications lists will tell you exactly what to expect. It is therefore super important to consider reviews for the collar you are considering. That way, you actually end up with a cat collar worth the money.


You have the power of sole discretion when it comes to selecting your cat’s collar. Allowing you to make the right decision. With all these considerations to make, it is evident that picking the right collar is almost as important as any other choice you will make as a purr-ent.

It actually requires the same amount of effort you put when trying to select cat litter or what fresh frozen food to get your cat. Fortunately, you have already acquired the necessary information and knowledge. All you are required to do is take action based on what you know about your cat and the cat collars available.

So take your time. Eventually, you will find the perfect collar for your kitty from the hundreds of options on this heavily flooded market.


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