Health Pet Fitness Cat Wheel: Important Reasons Why Your Cat Needs One

Cat Wheel: Important Reasons Why Your Cat Needs One

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Over the centuries, cats have evolved with an independent outdoor lifestyle, directly attributable to the development of unique features; including agility and prowess. Even though an abundance of the breed has transformed into indoor cats, their specific nature has remained unaltered. Limiting their living space has resulted in subsequent problems effectively impacting on cats’ health. These include them becoming depressed, bored, and fat. Hence the requirement for a cat wheel.

The provision of regular meals and safety encompasses their seeming dependence. However, essential recognition is required to be given to the knowledge that cats are excessively active animals. Obtaining an exercise wheel should be a viable option for every cat owner. It will contribute to longevity and good health.

What is a Cat Wheel?

These objects are basically a much bigger version of a hamster wheel, with an open design and a diameter going way beyond 150 cm. Cats benefit from larger girth than hamsters, they require bigger wheels.

Basically, the wheel is set up in a way that it works like a treadmill for your cat. The faster your cat’s momentum, the faster the wheel will spin. It enables them to expend excess energy, be more active, and potentially avoid any health issues.

Cat exercise wheels vary depending on the material they are made of. Many are created from plastic featuring EVA foam and wooden cat wheels. It’s worth noting that an increasing abundance of options are made with recycled plastics.

Does Your Cat Need It?

Despite popular opinion portraying cats as lazy, they are surprisingly energetic. The reason why they sleep so much relates to preparation for intense bursts of energy when hunting.

Indoor cats display these bursts of energy by speedily running across your apartment or home. However, in comparison to how much the cat would ordinarily move and climb outside, this movement is only a sort of a warmup.

You may notice your cat becoming lethargic, depressed, or overweight. The introduction of a cat wheel is essential, it will eradicate boredom and excess weight.

Indoor cat owners need to realize that even if their cat is not suffering from these symptoms, it is better to acquire a cat wheel. Start getting their pet used to it as soon as possible, you can potentially prevent health issues from arising.

Benefits of Using a Cat Wheel

There are multiple ways in which the cat wheel helps cats stay healthy.

The first one is related to the cat’s mental health. Unfortunately, besides being depressed, cats can also experience anxiety. In many instances indoor cats feel constrained, lacking enough room for moving, climbing, and jumping.

Inadequate spacing allowances frequently leads to aggressive, anxious, and depressive behavior.

Cat wheels optimize energy usage, creating balance and reducing symptoms of anxiety.

Physically cats suffer akin to humans, lack of movement promotes unhealthy metabolism and fat gain. Regular runs will help your cat to stay fit, or to lose weight. Simultaneously their muscles and joints become stronger, resulting in greater endurance. This is especially important should your cat be suffering from arthritis.

Regular activity will result in your cat having a healthier heart, respiratory system as well as reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

Which Cat Wheel to Pick?

With an abundance of cat owners in existence, there’s a competitive market for fast cat exercise wheels. The impressively high demand reflects the desire for variety within this product type.

Pay particular attention as this is a big type of toy for your cat. Remember to double-check dimensions in advance. The basic requirement is adequate space for and around this device.

The bigger the wheel, the more benefits for your cat. However, when it comes to pricing, prepare your wallet for a bigger expense. The vast majority of these are above £120. If you have some time on your hands, it’s possible to craft your own as a DIY project.

Adopting this route will facilitate the customization of the wheel. Potentially creating a perfect fit for your household.

Regardless of the option you choose, locate one that is open on both sides. Your cat will appreciate as it facilitates freedom of movement into and out of the wheel.

How to Help Your Cat Regularly Use It?

There are cats that will instantly fall in love with using their new toy, but others will be more reluctant. The good news is that you can play with your cat around the cat wheel and stimulate him to start chasing something while he is on a cat wheel, for example, a great motivator can be some sort of treat. This will get him running in no time.

Establish this practice regularly, and over time, your cat will get used to using his personal treadmill without your assistance.

Which Cat Breeds Will Enjoy Cat Wheels the Most?

All cat breeds can benefit from utilizing a cat wheel. But, generally, more active breeds are Russian Blue, Siamese, Maine Coon, Egyptian Maus, Toygers, Bengals, and Savannahs. These breeds specifically, will benefit excessively from using this device on a daily basis.

Concluding Thoughts

Cat wheels are great for your indoor cat and getting one will help your cat stay active, happy, and healthy. Pick a size that will fit your household best, and always keep both sides of the wheel open, as it will increase the chances of your cat using it more often.

If you have any questions regarding your cats health, you can find all the articles on this link.l


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