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Dog Bandanas: How To Choose The Best One Every Time

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There are few dogs that look bad in a bandana. In the majority of instances, it is the perfect accessory for your beloved pet.

However, there is an abundance of dog bandanas available. Chose the one that is the best possible quality and look for your dog. Fortunately, this guide will assist you in making the optimum selection.

What Is A Dog Bandana?

In essence, a dog bandana is simply a rectangular or square piece of cloth. It should be patterned or colored to emphasize the natural look of the dog. Tie the ends of the bandana around the neck of your dog, obviously not too tightly. The fabric flows across their chest.

Patterns and colors are a fashionable statement. You can really allow your dog to communicate by personalizing the bandana and creating a recognizable outfit for them. If they could talk they would be grateful for their dog accessories.

It’s possible to purchase a pre-made bandana with a popper. This potentially making it easier to fit. Although, it also increases the likelihood of the dog pulling it off.

Fitting The Dog Bandana

Despite it appearing simple there are actually several methods that can be applied to fitting your dog bandana.

The first is as mentioned, fold the rectangle in half, creating a triangle. The middle point of which goes in line with the chest of your dog. Both the other two points wrap around its neck and tie together. The preferable choice is a double knot, it will reduce the likelihood of it falling off.

But, do not forget to leave a two-finger gap between the bandana and your dog’s neck.

Another suitabke option is for the bandana to arrive pre-folded. Attached to the ends will be some Velcro pieces that can be wrapped around your dog’s neck. These adhere to each other. However, if you prefer poppers can also be used instead.

The final option is for a string to be pre-fitted to the bandana, you simply tie this to itself. It’s effective but potentially difficult to remove and reuse. It may leave you looking for alternative fastening methods.

Before you start checking out suppliers you should also be aware of the most important factors when choosing a bandana for your dog.

Black and brown short coated dog lying on a wooden floor. Part of the "How To Choose The Best Dog Bandanas Every Time"article.
Photo by Kabo on Unsplash

Understanding The Bandana

Bandanas are generally referred to as four or six pieces. The four is designed with small dogs in mind. In contrast, the six is functional for medium and large dog breeds.

Other manufacturers may specify small, medium, and large. This makes it easier for everyone to understand.

You should also consider the washability factor, your dog is going to get the bandana dirty, no matter how hard you attempt to prevent this occurring. It is not vindictive but nature, your dog’s neck is close to the ground and they do not tend to worry about dirt, the bandana you select should be made from a material that can be easily washed and dried, multiple times. Or, you’re going to need to consider a bow tie instead.

Should you select double-sided or single-sided? There is no definitive right or wrong answer, however, double-sided dog bandanas instigate the opportunity to change the appearance of your dog at any moment. Naturally, you will be changing it according to your own tastes but your dog does not need to know that!

Finally, spend a few moments considering utilizing a dog bandana to keep your pooch cooler in the summer months, there are specialized products that can help with this which could benefit long-haired dogs.

Selecting The Best One

Check out the impressive array of dog bandanas, your dog will appreciate the array of styles in this washable range and you will appreciate the free shipping. Naturally, it is possible to add an additional flourish to your dog’s appearance with a stylish sweater.

You can purchase these items yourself or take gift cards to donate to your friends, they will want them after they have admired your dog.

Of course, the stylish appearance is only part of the equation. Choosing the right bandanas means selecting a reputable supplier. You can check this this through social media, online forums, and personal interactions.

You’ll struggle to find better speed of delivery, quality of customer service, and ability to return if necessary. Call these essential factors when choosing suppliers.

Fortunately, they are all qualities you can admire when purchasing the above dog bandanas, and dogs apparel accessories, while fitting your best friend out for that special date.

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