Health Wellness Dog Braces: Should You Be Considering These

Dog Braces: Should You Be Considering These

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You probably already know a child that has braces, but you potentially have not heard of dog braces before. Surprisingly the utilization of orthodontic appliances by specialized veterinary dentists is commonplace. Dog braces have been used since the early 1980s.

The dog brace is designed to improve the bite and comfort of any dog, from German Shepherd to Poodle. This is definitely not a cosmetic procedure aiding creation of the perfect smile. It is also not the only human procedure to have crossed into the dog world. The dog leg brace, knee braces, and even orthotic and prosthetic devices are used. These are particularly helpful when dealing with a dog leg issue.

If you want to read more about your dogs dental health and how many teeth they have, please read this article. 

Dog Braces: Process & Risks

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You cannot explain to a dog why you are adding pieces of metal and wire to their teeth, meaning you need to have a dog with a compliant attitude. They will be placed under anesthesia during the procedure. Afterward, regular poking and prodding is unavoidable.

In addition, you are responsible for cleaning their teeth daily, they cannot do it themselves.

The process of fitting dog braces is risky. Your dog must be healthy enough to survive the anesthesia on several occasions. In the first instance, the vet will need to assess the issue in your dog’s mouth and possibly take molds to create the dog braces.

The second, and potentially third and fourth visits, will be for fitting. Each time your dog will be sent to sleep It has to be able to handle these multiple procedures.

Although the main risk is the anesthesia, it is also possible for the dog’s mouth to become infected. Strict cleaning and monitoring are necessary.

It is worth noting that there are usually other treatment options. But this is sometimes the best option.

Does Your Dog Need Dog Braces?

Assessing your dog’s bite will probably require the assistance of a vet. Their teeth should not connect with the roof of the mouth or their tongue. If it does they have a bite problem that can cause serious injury, treatment. Dog braces are usually the safest way forward.

The good news is that dog braces generally stay in place for just three or four months. This is because a dog’s mouth rearranges itself very quickly, even if they have adult teeth!

In short, if your dog is experiencing discomfort thanks to the way it bites things, it may benefit from dog braces.

The Final Grind

Of course, you will need the expert opinion and support of your veterinary dentist. Remember, this procedure should only be done to improve the life quality of your dog, it is invasive and risky. When you decide on dog braces you are committing to maintaining the dog’s smile for weeks and visiting the dentist at least once a week. You may also need a slow feeder to reduce the impact on the braces.

Fitting dog braces is not a cheap option, but it can make a significant difference in the quality of life for your dog. As a pet owner this is something that should be important to you, they cannot tell you about their discomfort, you need to make decisions for them.


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