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Dog Clothes: How To Choose The Best And Most Appropriate

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It does not matter if you have small dogs, large dogs, or anything in between. You will have thought about embracing them with dog clothes. Locating these examples of desirable, fashionable, and occasionally ill-conceived accessories for dogs is simple. They’re everywhere.

Of course, dog clothes can be apportioned to assist in creating a fashionable and complimentary look. But, they can also be a valuable benefit to the dog.

It is time to discover what dog clothes are available. You’ll also discover how to choose the most appropriate and why you regarding the full range of dog apparel is essential.

The Origins Of Dog Clothes

Evidence has been located suggesting dogs in Ancient Egypt wore decorative collars. These collars were designed to reflect the importance of their owners, effectively ensuring the dog embraced a distinguished appearance.

Throughout history there have been patchy acknowledgments of this trend. An assortment of dog collars dating from the 16th century were constructed from precious metals. They are understood to be the property of the dogs of Henry VIII of England.

Further photographic evidence is available displaying the nobility attiring their dogs magnificently at the finish of the 19th century.

However, it was not legitimately until the end of the 20th century that dog clothing conclusively commenced its explosion as an industry. The expansion of the internet early in the 21st-century allowed people to share their dog creations.

This resulted in an official dog fashion show referred to as The Last Bark in New York. It has been running annually since 2011. From here, dog clothes and accessories across the globe can be considered a foregone conclusion.

The Modern Take

Internet videos and animal social media accounts have propelled the dog clothing sector. Allowing them to encompass greater heights of fame than the majority would have presumed possible. In the present day, despite the fact most of the clothing lines are allocated as fashion accessories, it is a multi-million dollar industry.

There are extravagant pet fashion shows that focus on the look of the clothed dog. This is in direct opposition to the traditional dog show. It prefers to concentrate on the form and breed standard of each dog participating

It is important not to forget that the film industry has been utilizing dogs dressed in clothes for many years. It’s fair to hypothesize the direct influence invoked regarding the modern dog clothing movement. Just take a moment to consider Alvin and the Chipmunks, (animated). Potentially you should also consider invoking an image of the Beverly Hills Chihuahuas.

You’ll will even notice a female Chihuahua in a bridal gown while her ‘husband’ wears a tuxedo.

Why Dog Clothes Are A Good Idea

Putting aside the Halloween costume you may wonder why you would want to buy dog clothes or if they are of any benefit. The surprising truth is that, in many instances, dog clothes serve a useful purpose. They are certainly worth the dedicated expenditure.

Many humans take clothing for granted. It protects modesty and inspires uniqueness. there are few opportunities to portray your personality so succinctly without the requirement to speak.

Naturally, clothing affords humans protection from the elements and maintains warmth. Selection of adequate protection ensures this remains possible in the coldest of climates.

Potentially surprising is the realization that a multitude of these benefits are also applicable to dogs.

  • Safety

For instance, if you like spending time by or on the water then investing in dog life jackets is a practical and sensible solution. Even the best swimming dogs can run into difficulties when in the water, there are also an abundance of dogs that have never experienced swimming!

A dog life jacket may seem like an absurd dog accessory, (potentially almost as absurd as bow ties), but it potentially is a lifesaver, it’s impossible to put a price in that! Essentially reminding you of the importance of quality dog accessories.

  • Warmth

Most dogs are covered in thick fur coats, ensuring warmth in the coldest of weather. But, not all dogs are this well endowed with protection. Usually smaller dogs possess dramatically thinner fur.

This is especially true if the dog was originally bred in a warm climate. Their bodies may not have adjusted to cooler climates.

In these instances, a good jumper or coat is the perfect solution to keep your dog happy and content when outside. Choosing a quality product will maintain this state regardless of how low the temperature drops.

The decision regarding whether your dog requires a coat is centralized on the climate where you live. It additionally focuses on the size of the dog, the breed, and the temperature outside.

The opposite is fundamentally true, dogs associated with thick fur coats are unlikely to need dog clothes.

Assuming your home is a normal temperature, removing clothes while they are inside is a sensible approach. Leaving them on can cause overheating and even irritate dog skin.

Check Out The Dog Clothes Range

Brown and white short coated puppy wearing blue and yellow shirt. Part of the "How To Choose The Best & Most Appropriate Dog Clothes" article.
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

What may surprise you is the abundant array of dog clothes available, your dog’s wardrobe can potentially be as expansive as yours!

  • Dog Boots

Dogs have paws that are hardened to facilitate traversing a multitude of different terrains, but even they have limitations. Dog boots are the perfect solution when the environment or the weather is extreme.

If the path is incredibly rocky, the pavement exceptionally hot, or there is an abundance of salt or other chemicals, your dog may display discomfort when walking. Dog boots offer an established array of shapes and sizes, but these padded shoes are one of the best pairs you will encounter.

They are not just functional, they look fantastic.

Alternatively, you can select non-slip socks, they make an impressive difference on slippery terrain.

  • T-shirts

These can offer assistance keeping your dog warm and a white t-shirt has the capability of looking cool whilst reflecting heat, effectively offering a temperature reduction for black dogs in full sunshine!

But, T-shirts also provide potential for some fun, you can display virtually any message you desire on your dog t-shirt or hoodie. It is a unique and ingenious method for your dog to tell the world how amazing/brilliant/awesome you are.

  • Dog Sweaters & Coats

The sweater is a formidable idea while trying to keep your dog’s temperature consistent on a cold day. It can be stylish or even color-coded to match your own outfit.

Alternatively, it is simply an effective tool to minimize vet bills and look after the health of your dog. Should you wish to acquire a more inclusive knowledge of dog sweaters, please click the link here and be prepared to be amazed. 

An alternate offering to a sweater, is the waterproof coat, enabling you to promenade with your dog in any weather. Equally, it is possible to get some adorable puppy pajamas, or if you really want to send a message, invest in a denim biker-style waistcoat, that is an impressive and fashionable look.

  • Dog Dresses

Perhaps the fundamental question should invoke an acknowledgement that the boys are not entitled to all the fun. If you have a female dog then you will find a great range of dresses available to transform the look of your dog. Try a princess dress or an evening gown to set the right mood for when your dog goes to meet her boyfriend!

  • Accessories

If you are looking for something extra to complete the outfit then consider a dog bandana, the ubiquitous bow tie, or perhaps even a hat. None of these are essential items but they can certainly make your dog look stunning.

Its inconsequential whether you’re looking to acquire sweaters for dogs, dog pajamas, or even a stunning evening dress. The industry is established and capable of supplying virtually any item of dog clothing you can think of.

Of course, as already mentioned, there is an abundance of additional ideas that need to be considered at Halloween. This also applies throughout alternate season holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Things To Consider When Selecting Dog Clothes

Dogs do not generally need to wear clothes although, as aforementioned, there are times when it is beneficial to them. That means much of the dog dressing is about you having fun, which is acceptable if your dog is not getting hurt and you consider the following factors.

Do not forget that if your dog is not happy wearing the clothes you should not force them, it will elevate their stress levels and potentially cause illness.

Additionally, a reputable store, online, or physically represented, should provide free shipping and gift cards. These facilitate an ease of shopping. This is particularly relevant if you’re looking for a loved one or friend. Acquiring the right dog clothing is intrinsically a personal choice.

  • Small dogs don’t necessarily mean small clothes

If you have a small dog they may not fit in a small clothing item! This is because it is usually the chest size that matters, yes, size really does matter! Some of the smallest dogs have surprisingly large chests, meaning you will need to choose a medium size jacket if you want to be able to do it up.

  • Hoods & Hats are only for looks

It can be argued that a jumper or raincoat is essential but this is never the case for the hood or hat, they are accessories and you should acknowledge them as such. In many cases, this is the hardest garment to fit and for the dog to retain, do not get too upset if your dog will not wear it for you.

  • Bandanas are the ultimate backup look

If you are struggling to find a size that fits your dog because it is between small and medium, or medium and large, then consider a bandana. You can transform the look of your dog with this simple garment. You’ll find it is easy to fit. It’s also adjustable to the size of your dog.

  • Costumes are not clothes

Costumes can look fantastic, who has not seen the Dart Vader dog! But, they are costumes and not usually practical to leave on the dog for any length of time. It is important to bear this in mind when securing the costume in place, your dog’s comfort and safety should be paramount.

Zipping It Up

You’ll find dog clothes are generally designed for smaller dogs. You’ll note these are the ones that are most likely to actually need the clothes. Coincidentally they are generally the ones that will look cutest in the array of outfits available.

However, as previously mentioned, when considering dog clothes it is imperative that you monitor your dog’s health and stress levels. If they are not appreciative of the clothes you should remove them as quickly as possible.

If you decide to purchase dog clothes for your dog then make sure you opt for a useful item first and introduce the concept of clothing slowly, it may take them some time to adjust to wearing dog clothes.


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