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How To Choose the Perfect Dog Leash For You & Your Dog

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If you own a dog then you are potentially going to require a dog leash, you will not be surprised at this generalization. It is possible for you to visit your local store or grab a soft leash online. But, there is more to choosing a leash than selecting the one that looks nicest, or simply grabbing your climbing rope.

Looking good while promenading through the local park is important, but maintaining control is a more desirable scenario.

Understanding Leash Types

To facilitate selecting the perfect leash, you are required to understand the different options available.

  • Leash Material

There are three main materials for a leash, nylon, leather, and chain metal. The nylon leash is an extremely popular option and is supplied in an abundance of colors, matching or complementing existing dog collars is comparatively easy; just remember to add dog id tags, with GPS to your collars.

When regarding nylon leashes you can locate an abundance of different sizes, both in width and length. Even the style of the leash can be significantly different between products.

It is a relatively cheap option that does the job, unfortunately nylon passing quickly through your hand will likely cause leash burn, potentially making it unsuitable if you have a dog that pulls frequently and suddenly.

The Leather Option

A viable and more comfortable alternative is leather, surprisingly, this option lacks the popularity of nylon or metal although this may be connected to the additional cost of a leather leash. These are arguably the perfect option if you have a dog that likes to pull, they are soft and durable with surprisingly formidable grip, effectively preventing leash burn. As a bonus, a leather leash is difficult to tangle and is impressively durable alongside comfortable.

Purchasing a braided leather leash or a flat version is possible. The only notable difference in these two style configurations is the weight, braided tends to be lighter, they are both equally strong and durable as each other.

Metal Chain Leashes

The third option is the metal chain link, this is the one you have probably seen when owners have big dogs. Especially the more vicious-looking ones or breeds with bad reputations. In fact, a chain leash is a cheap option that offers a higher level of control over your dog. It is unlikely to break, even with the biggest of dogs.

Unfortunately, these leashes can become tangled easily and may cause a problem for you and your dog. You may also find they are difficult and uncomfortable to hold.

It’s worth noting that cotton leashes can also be purchased although they are rare. Whilst they do offer the potential of leash burn they are the preferred option if your dog loves the water. This is especially true if they are often paraded on the lead.

Cotton leashes are available in a wide variety of colors, you simply have to find a supplier first.

  • Leash Style

Now you have chosen your preferred leash material you need to look at the different types. You will then find it possible to locate the one that suits you best.

The standard style leash is generally the most common leash and is available virtually anywhere. This type of leash is great for most dog types. This is even true for those with high energy levels, as well as large and small animals. Although if you are training you may prefer a training leash.

The standard leash is simply a strap with the clasp to attach to a collar and a loop handle. It’s generally tangle free.

Rectractable Options

An alternative that is especially beneficial if you have a dog that does not respond or return when called, are retractable dog leashes. You can opt to purchase one or allow your friend to choose their own via a geenrously provided gift card.

As the name suggests retractable leashes extend, usually to 5 or 10 meters, equal to 15 to 30 feet long. Retraction is possible at any time to facilitate the return of the offending dog. This type of leash is usually very comfortable to hold.

It also contains additional pockets or attachments. This allows you to carry dog treats, waste sacks, or other important items while walking your dog.

These are commonly used for small dogs making them an unsuitable option if you are training your dog. You should also be aware that retractable leads are generally considered to create pulling dogs. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll respond fundamentally better to your commands.

Instead, the dog will regard it as an opportunity to lead you in the direction they intend to go. They’ll simply stop at the point of full extension.

The Head Collar

Another style of leash is the head collar which easily attaches to a standard leash. The head collar slips loosely around the dog’s nose without preventing breathing or the ability to drink. The lead clips the head collar to the standard neck collar, effectively preventing the dog from pulling, establishing it as a great training aid but not a necessary long term solution.

An advancement from the head collar is the leash and harness. This locates over the body of your dog without restricting them while the leash clips centrally on the harness. You will find it is an effective leash for dogs with established training, you continue control over your dog and have the facility to pull them back if necessary, without placing strain on their necks.

However, this is not the right leash if you are training your dog, especially if it’s a larger dog, for that the head collar and leash are a better combination. You should also note that a harness collar and leash will pull from the side of the dog. This can potentially cause over-extension style injuries, that’s not beneficial for pet care.

Selecting The Perfect Dog Leash

White short coat dog with red scarf. Part of the "How To Choose the Perfect Dog Leash For You & Your Dog" article.
Photo by Mirko Sajkov on Unsplash

If you have a small dog then your needs are going to be very different from someone with a large dog. But, before you start considering the strength of different leashes you should take a moment to consider what you will be using the leash for, it can make your decision much easier. You should also remember to investigate which firms offer free shipping.

Consideration must also be given to the length of the leash, longer leads are available and provide some freedom to your dog when you are unable to remove the leash. Of course, you will need to be confident that the longer leash will not encourage them to pull more or behave badly as this will reduce the quality and enjoyment of any walk, potentially destroying your training efforts which is frustrating.

  • Training Leash

The head collar is a type of dog training leash that helps to prevent a dog from pulling and ensures they are listening to your commands. These types of leash are effective but must be sized correctly to your dog to avoid injuring them, for the sake of your dog it’s essential you accept expert advice when purchasing this type of leash and collar.

  • Exercising Leash

Another type of leash that you should consider is the exercise leash. This leash is designed to clip to attach to a belt leaving your hands free while it absorbs shock connected with your dog running alongside you.

It does bear similarities to a standard rope leash. You’ll find it’s the perfect way to involve your dog in your daily run and increase their exercise level. This pet running leash even has additional pockets on the belt to help ensure you have everything you need for you and your dog while you run.

While considering the right dog leash you may find it beneficial to speak to your vet. Especially, if your dog has behavioral issues or the breed is known to have specific health issues. Your vet can advise you regarding the leash which is most likely to support your training aims without negatively affecting the dog’s health.

You should also take some time to consider the manufacturer and supplier of your dog leash. They should have a good reputation. You can verify this through social media, pay particular attention to how complaints and issues are handled!

It is also a sensible idea to read reviews on the dog leash you have chosen to ensure it has as much potential as you think it does. You should be aware that paying a little extra is worthwhile to prevent needing to replace the leash on a regular basis, the perfect dog leash will last you and your dog for life.

Always Test First

If possible you should test the leash, this is not always possible when purchasing from a physical store but the online distance selling regulations do provide the opportunity to check the product and return it. Of course, finding a friend or a member of the local dog club with the leash you want can be an even more effective solution.

Harnessing The Right Result

Pairing the perfect dog leash with a harness is generally a sensible idea, especially if you have a bigger dog. It saves choosing between collar or harness, have both. However, the real aim is to train the dog to respond to your command instantly, in theory, a well-trained dog would never need a leash as it will only do what you tell it to. Of course, in reality, the risk will be excessive, you need to have a leash for your dog.

Remember that the perfect dog leash for you is not necessarily the same as your friend’s choice or even the decision that someone with the same dog makes, it is what suits you and your daily routine, as well as your comfort level, that’s why they make the padded handle.

Ensure you choose wisely and you will have the perfect dog leash for life.



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