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How to Clean Cats Ears

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Although cats usually don’t need our help to keep them clean, they could use a helping hand for some hard-to-reach places like cat ears.

In fact, when you clean the ears you will be able to observe potential health issues. Some, like debris built-up, are simple but some ear issues can be more complex and harder to deal with, like ear mite infestation or ear infections.

Cleaning your cat’s ears is not that difficult and we will provide you with detailed instructions in this article, along with the signs of infection.

How to Clean Cats Ears

To teach you how to clean cats’ ears and prevent possible complications from health issues such as hearing loss, you must first prepare all the necessary cleaning supplies and items.

All that is necessary are some cotton swabs (cotton gauze pads or cotton balls will also work), ear cleaning solution for cats and a clean towel or a cat blanket.


The first step is to pick up and gently hold your cat in place. Depending on your cat, you may need to roll her in a blanket or a towel. Make sure that she is in a comfortable position since that may help hold her down but you can also try speaking to her in a soft and reassuring voice if she won’t remain still.

Once your cat is serene enough, check her ears for debris or built-up earwax. Wax dirt can lead to inflammation or discharge, so pay attention to that and any foul odors coming out of the ears. Also check for lesions, scratches or bumps since they can signal an ear infection and if you notice any of these things in your cat’s ear drum, contact your veterinarian for advice on treatment options.

Cleaning the Cat’s Ears

After the inspection, it is time to make your cat’s ear cleaner. Gently and slowly pull back the ear flap while you hold the bottle of the ear cleaning solution in your other hand. Then, deposit a few drops inside the cat’s ear canal but try not to touch it with the bottle. Massage the outer part of the ear, particularly at the base.

With a cotton pad or swab, clean out all debris from the ear. Remember not to put anything, not even your fingers, into the ear canal. After this is completed, you can repeat the same process on your cat’s other ear or leave it for later if she seems stressed out.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Cat’s Ears?

There is no need to clean your cat’s ears too often; every few months should suffice for most cats to prevent infections or when you notice signs of debris built-up. However, you should turn ear checking into a routine and check your cat’s ears weekly and if you smell or observe anything unusual, get in touch for your veterinarian.

Also, make sure that your cat is well-groomed since this can assist with keeping the ears clean as well. For example, keep her hair in check by using a hair glove or some similar grooming product.

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Learning how to clean your cat’s ears is not particularly difficult, especially if your cat is usually peaceful. The entire process only requires having a few cotton swabs and an ear cleaning solution for cats.

However, make sure to often check your cat’s ears for potential health issues such as ear wax or infections.



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