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How To Tell If A Cat Is Pregnant: Note These Signs

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Your cat family growing is always an exciting time. You want things to go smoothly – and this includes taking note of the pregnancy as early as possible. The earlier the better to allow time to make the necessary adjustments for Kitty’s health and wellbeing. The first week of pregnancy is a good time to plan for the litter of kittens that is to come. You’ll also want to consider the best method of caring for your pregnant cat. Here, we’ll let you know how to tell if a cat is pregnant. Let’s start at the beginning.

Getting On Heat

Just like humans, cats have a routine “peak fertility” period. Here, it is said that the cat is in heat or in season. This usually happens around every three weeks, meaning that there are plenty of chances for Kitty to get pregnant. Should you be against getting more cats, then it’s recommended that you neuter your feline friend before the first season, since she can easily fall pregnant after that point.

Signs Of Pregnancy

How to tell if a cat is pregnant if the physical symptoms dont appear very soon. Most likely they won’t show up until she is already a few weeks into the gestation period.

In case there are suspicions – especially after the female cats have had multiple encounters with male cats, then people can visit their vets for confirmation.

Some methods like ultrasound can be used to confirm the pregnancy in as little as 15 days into the gestation. After 2-3 weeks, you will be able to spot the outward signs, including:

Nipples ‘pinking-up’

This usually happens 15 to 18 days into the pregnancy, where Kitty’s nipples will enlarge and become red.

Increased vomiting

How to tell if a cat is pregnant? You will notice surely when the pregnant queen will also have her version of morning sickness. This is a stage of increased vomiting.

Bear in mind that the vomiting can be a symptom of an illness, hence when the vomiting becomes frequent you should schedule an appointment with the vet.

The hormone surge during the initial weeks, coupled with the changes in your cat’s uterus, can result in her showing signs of fatigue – though these should pass as the pregnancy progresses.

Swollen tummy

As a confirmation, the female cat’s belly will be swollen by this point – around 30 days after the mating. Resist the urge to touch or rub the stomach, since you don’t want to risk any hurt to either the cat on the kittens she is carrying. Since swollen abdomens are also caused by other health conditions, you should pay close attention to your furry friend, and check with your vet if you’re worried, or notice any other signs of sickness.

Weight gain

Kitty gradually increases her weight with a kilogram or two, which will be largely determined by the number of kittens in her womb. The increased appetite as the pregnancy progresses also contributes to the weight gain.

Mood changes

Throughout the stages of pregnancy, the cat will act more maternal, with increased purring and seeking extra fuss and attention from her owner.

The gestation period usually lasts between 63 and 67 days. Although determining exactly how long a specific cat has been pregnant can be tough. There are cases where the cat pregnancy lasts for just 61 days and for others it can extend to 72 days.

The vet may be able to tell how many kittens your cat will have 40 days into the pregnancy. Note that one large kitten may obscure other smaller ones in her womb. You could end up with a larger litter than expected.

Certainly, the cat will need more food and a richer diet while expectant.

Going Into Labor

As the pregnancy term comes to an end, you should be keener on the cat, and increasingly make your presence felt with calming words and activities. Kitty will be able to handle the labor herself like the pregnant queen she is. Although you should be ready to step in in case of complications with the unborn kittens. Here are signs will let you know that she is almost due:

Four assorted-color tabby kittens on brown basket. Part of the "How To Tell If A Cat Is Pregnant: Note These Signs" article.
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No more food!

Kitty will not be in the mood to eat, even if you offer her the finest cat food. She will start acting all fidgety, looking for a secluded place where she can settle down. This, coupled with the timing (since you will have already noted that you’re in the final days of the gestation timeline), will be a sign that she is about to get into labor.

Temperature drop

12 – 24 hours before the start of labor your furry friend’s body temperature will drop below 100°F.


Just before she gives birth, the cat gets increasingly vocal, constantly washing herself and appearing agitated.

The Delivery

Strong abdominal contractions will kick in, and there will be discharge from the cat’s vagina. Note that if the discharge is bloody or black and heavy, you should call the vet. The kittens pop out after the discharge, and you will be the proud owner of a new litter of cute little kittens.

This is an all-natural process and you usually don’t have to interfere at any point – just ensure you have the kitten food ready for when they arrive. However, should you notice the abnormal discharge or Kitty appeared strained without the kittens emerging, then it’s an indication of underlying compilations, and you should immediately get a hold of and consult your vet.

Would you like to read more about the length of a cats pregnancy and the different stages? Please click the link here.


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