Health Grooming The Dog Wash: Unwanted Hassle or Essential Task?

The Dog Wash: Unwanted Hassle or Essential Task?

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Have you ever gone more than a week without a wash? The answer is probably no, that is also the correct response. It’s fair to say a bath can be considered essential to your overall health and happiness. The same sentiment can be applied to your dog wash.

In short, the dog wash is an essential part of owning a dog. Done properly, can actually improve your relationship with your dog.

Naturally, it is essential that you have the correct supplies for the task, you need to invest in dedicated dog shampoo, a good pet bath towel, a dog paw cleaner, and a grooming tool or brush. Being prepared before you start will ensure the experience is more pleasurable for you and your dog. You can even consider investing in a self serve dog wash if it helps.

Why The Dog Wash Is So Important

Brown and white short coated dog in a bath. Part of the "The Dog Wash: Unwanted Hassle or Essential Task?" article.
Photo by Anthony Duran on Unsplash

Your dog does not wear shoes, although you can acquire some stunning ones, the consequence is their paws come into contact with a wide array of debris. Regard their paws after a substantial walk and you will be amazed or impressed by the amount of mud, plant debris, and other substances that clog their paws.

Some of these items will be uncomfortable, others will irritate their skin, making them uncomfortable and possibly leading to further complications, as a bonus, washing their feet helps to prevent them from smelling, that is definitely a good thing, you will understand if you have ever curled up with your favorite pet and their smelly feet.

It is not just foot health that matters, although visually inspecting the foot for damaged skin can be beneficial. Washing their coat will help to restore its natural shine and luster. You should also inspect your dog for any unusual lumps and bumps. This is a great opportunity to check your dog  for any issues. A thorough check can ensure they remain healthy.

Alongside this the washing process effectively gives your dog a massage, they will enjoy this and it will help the bond between you and your pet.

Choosing The Right Option

You do have two options when considering the dog wash. The first option is to purchase your own dog wash. There are plenty of sites available that will allow you to add a dog wash to your shopping cart. You can then wash your dog whenever you want at home.

This can be the most convenient option. Of course, the alternative is to use a grooming parlor. You’ll have to book a regular appointment to ensure that your dog stays in great condition.

The Final Rinse

Of course, the fact that your dog smells great after a dog wash is beneficial to you. Especially if you let them sleep on your bed. Bathing is an important part of dog care but do not consider that a dip in the lake satisfactory. They need a proper bath with shampoo, the more often you do it the easier it will get.

Read all about the value of a dog washing station in this article. 


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