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The Fascinating Evolution Of The Mini Bernedoodle

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The number of dog breeds in existence is difficult to pinpoint. The answer varies according to the organization you ask and which breeds they recognize. This is reflected in the mini Bernedoodle. Estimates suggest in excess of 350 breeds currently exist. Although, this figure changes due to the extinction of breeds and the evolution of new breeds.

Interestingly all dog breeds today can trace their origins to the wolf. Nature adjusted specific traits in the wolf to allow individual breeds to flourish in specific environments. Throughout history humans have aided the process of natural evolution by mating dogs with desirable qualities. Effectively refining the line and purifying the characteristics. It’s also been referred to as the creation of a designer dog or designer breeds.

The mini Bernedoodle is an example of this and has a fascinating history.

Why A Mini Bernedoodle?

The reason to purchase any dog is as simple as wanting one that fits into your family and lifestyle. When you purchase a mini Bernedoodle puppy you are gaining a family companion. That’s a friendly dog that loves to play.

It is surprisingly intelligent and loves human company, reacting positively to children and even other animals. The key is in ensuring socialization takes place from a young age. Why choose between poodles or Bernese mountain dogs when you can have the best of both? Although there are concerns when cross-breeding. This is one example that illustrates how impressive a positive outcome can be.

If you come across puppies for sale we highly recommend you invest in one!

The History of The Bernedoodle

Standard Bernedoodles are a direct combination of the poodle and Bernese mountain dogs. There are many poodle mixes available but few as special as this combination. It is fascinating to note that the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle were originally European neighbors, one in Switzerland, the other in Germany, potentially seeing each from time to time.

In 2003, the two dog breeds were interbred. On the one hand, this can seem surprising considering the massive difference in the size of these two dogs. But, both dogs are exceptionally popular. In fact, the poodle, (all variants including miniature poodle), is recognized by the kennel club as one of the most popular dogs year after year. The Bernese mountain dog has moved from 32 to 22 on the same list in the last four years.

The First Bernedoodles

It is not clear who first bred poodles or Bernese mountain dogs together to create miniature Bernedoodles, but there are a handful of breeders who specialize in this hybrid breed.

The size of your Mini Bernedoodle will depend on the type of poodle parent, it can be toy, miniature, or standard. Making the size of your new dog between 12 and 29 inches tall. It can weigh between 10-90 pounds, an average of 50 pounds is reasonable. Lifespan is likely to be between 7-15 years.

It is worth noting that the general temperament is relaxed, playful, and affectionate. Purchasing an arrangement of toys, such as this flying pet training toy or an interactive tennis station will help to ensure they remain content and not destructive. However, the smaller versions, those with miniature poodle parents, can be more stubborn than the larger ones. These dogs are invariably bi-color, favoring black and white, with their big fluffy fur and cute faces it’s hard not to fall head-over-heels in love with them.

Health Risks

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Before you rush to pick up a mini Bernedoodle you should be aware that there are 3 major health risks associated with these dogs. Being aware of them will help you to verify your new dog is healthy, has a good level of physical activity, or know what to expect as they age.

  • Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia occurs when the three elbow bones grow at differing rates. This creates an imbalance which can cause your dog pain and even hinder their ability to walk. The growth of cartilage is also affected, if this goes unnoticed when your dog is young it will lead to arthritis and surgery may be the only option.

  • Hip Dysplasia

This is similar to elbow dysplasia in that the joint is damaged. It occurs when the thigh bone does not sit in the hip socket properly. The result is pain and lameness, this also increases the likelihood of arthritis as your dog ages.

  • Sebaceous Adenitis

Excreting small amounts of oil is normal, it mixes with sweat to help you and your dog retain moisture and keep infections out. Unfortunately, when your dog suffers from sebaceous adenitis the glands that secret this oil stop working.

The result is dry skin, the coat of your dog will become dull and brittle, and it may also develop a reddish tint. You will need professional help to resolve the issue.

Looking After Your Mini Bernedoodle

After discovering the history and the health concerns of these proud and funny dogs you probably will still want to get one, it’s a good idea to know how to look after them properly.

A key element for these affection dogs is finding a suitable dog bed, it’s important they are comfortable and have somewhere they can retire to when needed.

You also need to start training them as soon as they arrive in your home. These dogs are intelligent and will quickly learn to respond to your command and terms of service. Especially if you use positive reinforcement as you train them. Most importantly, you will want to start socializing them as soon as possible, the more people and strange noises they encounter the more relaxed and accepting they will be.

This is important as the poodle roots of your dog will make it wary of new sounds and new people. Eliminating this when they are young will help to ensure you have a confident dog that you can confidently take anywhere.

Although this breed of dog is not the biggest it still needs plenty of exercise, experts recommend you give them at least one hour a day. You will need to take a look at your current schedule and fit this in, it may even be beneficial for you!

You must not forget that your mini Bernedoodle has a thick coat, built to keep them warm in the mountains. It is best to exercise them in the cooler part of the day or you will find they are overheating which can cause an array of additional issues.

Final Thoughts

There are those that argue interbreeding should not be allowed as it is difficult to ensure you will get the good traits and not the negative ones. However, the mini Bernedoodle is a great example of interbreeding when it goes well. This is a delightful dog that would make a fantastic addition to any home.

If you are curious about miniature breeds, you will probably also be interested in our in-depth article about the mini Golden Retriever breed.



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