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Top Considerations When Choosing Bulldog Puppies

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Choosing the optimal pet is difficult even at the optimum of times. It requires careful consideration and an awareness of all the facts. Of course, it’s complicated by the fact that there are hundreds of possibilities on the market, including bulldog puppies.

That process is simpler when you have already established the intention to purchase Bulldog puppies.

It’s comparatively easy to understand why you would center on these out of all the exceptional dog breeds available. Despite being slightly strange dogs, they have a definitive charm, short-legged with loose skin. Especially whilst puppies.

Nevertheless, to ensure you choose the right Bulldog puppies. You are required to extend your awareness of the following considerations.

A Little Bulldog History

Bulldogs were originally conceived to assist butchers with controlling livestock. In this respect, they are akin to the Pit Bull. In fact, in the 15th-century bulldogs were specifically trained to seize the nose of a bull.

They would not release impending the bull falling to the ground or the dog was deceased. This practice was known as bull baiting. Surprisingly it was finally banned in 1835, significantly later than you may expect.

Although barbaric, the fact that a bulldog could bring down a bull is a testimony to the power in these dogs. As well as their ability to be trained. A well-trained bulldog breed would corkscrew over the bull’s body, twisting it and forcing it to the ground. Solely by holding its nose.

It was after this that the breed faced extinction. Instead, it heralded the arrival of the American bulldog and the survival of English bulldogs.

There are two men credited with saving the bulldog from extinction, John D. Johnson and Allen Scott. They purposely bred herding bulldogs to continue the line and potentially improve the breed.

Johnson is credited with the short-muzzled type of bulldog. As opposed to Scott who cultivated the slightly smaller, more athletic version.

The Salient Points Concerning Bulldog Puppies

White with brown bulldog. Part of the "The Top Considerations When Choosing Bulldog Puppies" article.
Photo by Matt ODell on Unsplash

The two main variants available today are the American bulldog and the English bulldog. You need to select your preferred variant before you start looking for American or English dogs and puppies for sale. You then need to take a few moments to consider the following. It will help to ensure you get the right English Bulldog puppies for your needs.

Don’t forget, all types of bulldogs are extremely loyal. Choose wisely as this is a pet that will literally follow you to the ends of the earth!

You will also want to invest in a few puppy toys and treats. This will help your chosen puppy settle into their new home. In addition, this clever treat dispenser can also be beneficial.

  • Breeder

You need to locate a reputable breeder, ideally one that is registered with the American kennel club and, if possible, listed with the bulldog club of America. Handsome Dan may talk the talk, but that’s not satisfactory credentials, you need them to be registered.

You should always visit the dealer to see the puppies. This will give you the opportunity to check out his facility and assess whether they look after the puppies, and grown dogs, properly. The parents should be housed together and the puppies need to be clean.

It’s also a positive sign if children, cats, and other pets are interacting with the puppies. This confirms it will be a valuable family member.

Never forget to inspect their terms of service to verify that, should you decide to buy, you know what you are agreeing to.

  • The Puppy

When you regard the puppy you should see bright eyes, clear nose and ears, wide nostrils, and the puppy should be able to comfortably focus on you. The exact activity level will depend on its age, but at the least, it should be curious and exploring the space it lives in.

The best choice is the one you feel a connection with, it should be easy-going and should walk steadily, rattling or leaning as it walks are not good signs.

It’s also advisable to avoid the chocolate, blue, lilac, or black bulldogs, these are the ones that are most likely to encounter health issues.

Other essential factors to be aware of include straight tails that move properly, no rasping while breathing, and a nose that is only a little upturned.

To verify the condition of bulldog puppies accurately you must visit them after they are 6 weeks old, it’s the safest way to assure yourself the dog is as good as it appears to be.

  • Get the Right Temperament

Having established a connection with the puppy, you should be able to call it toward you. It may even decide to follow you around of its own free will. This provides you with the opportunity to restrain the puppy. You are looking for one that displays no sign of aggression or rebellion and it should not cower, whimper, urinate or cry.

If the puppy you are playing with displays the right symptoms, you are onto a winner!

  • Check The Certification

Medical records should be verified as being present and up to date, it’s important to certify that this is the situation for the parents and the bulldog puppies.

Inspect the parent’s records carefully for any mention or signs of brachycephalic syndrome, facial fold dermatitis, dystocia, and other health concerns. The greater the number of parental health issues the more likely the puppy will have problems later in life.

This is a good opportunity to check that the breeder offers a two-year guarantee for your puppy, it’s fairly standard practice.

Microchipping, vaccinations, and registration should be included in the price of the bulldog puppies, assuming this has not already been done. Bulldog puppies are expensive, it’s worth taking the time to assess your purchase before you part with any funds.

Summing Up

Choosing any bulldog puppies for sale is difficult but getting the right bulldog puppies means you will minimize future vet bills and gain a happy, healthy puppy. This will be a welcome addition to your home and one that will give you hours of fun and companionship.

Remember to always visit the breeder, you should never let them come to you, purchase bulldog puppies online, or buy without seeing them. These are loyal, intelligent dogs but they can incur expensive health bills, being prepared in advance will help to minimize these issues.


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