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Top Tips When Choosing A Parti Yorkie For Shows

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The Parti Yorkie was first recognized as a distinct breed by the American Kennel Club in 2000, prior to this these distinctive Parti puppies were often given away or euthanized as they were believed to be inferior.

Despite originating from pure-bred Yorkshire Terriers there are still people today who believe the distinctive coloration is a result of the traditional Yorkshire terrier mating with other breeds, such as the Maltese Terrier.

Nevertheless, the Parti Genes are purebred yorkshire terriers, if you want to find a Parti Yorkshire Terrier for sale you need to know the features of Parti Yorkies and be prepared to pay the price.

Features Of A Parti Yorkie

A regular Yorkie has a tan or blue coat, but, thanks to a recessive gene, parti colored Yorkies are black white and tan with the white coloring covering the main part of their body, the tan and black sits across their face.

There are other acceptable Parti colorations, including black and white, just white yorkie, blond, or even a golden Parti. The key is that the dog is predominantly white with a combination of black and gold/tan colors.

The features of a Parti Yorkie mirror those of the traditional Yorkie. However, it is essential to remember that the traditional colors of a Yorkie are black and tan as a puppy and blue and gold as an adult. They change color as they age. The Yorkies breed is also unique in that they actually have hair on their body instead of fur. You will observe the coat is exceptionally silky.

The Golden Pati

To confuse things slightly the golden Parti has a gold, or gold and white coat, it is considered a Parti as it has no blue or black colorations. You should also be aware that a third breed, the Biewer Terrier, is often confused with the Parti Terrier. This is despite it being a different breed.

The Parti Yorkie should be 7-8 inches tall, weigh 4-7 pounds, and live for up to 15 years. Thanks to their long coats they will require a moderate amount of grooming, you will need a good brush, and are well suited to family homes, as well as displaying at shows. DNA testing is an option.

They are generally loyal, confident, and loving, they are also intelligent, allowing them to be well trained with the aid of a clicker.

Choosing The Right Parti Yorkie

The first step is to look for Yorkies for sale through registered breeders that produce Parti puppies. There are a surprising number of them thanks to the increasing popularity of this dog breed.

It is essential to ensure they are properly akc registered and the puppies you are looking at are genuine Parti yorkshire puppies, the above description should help you to confirm this is the case.

You will then need to visit the breeder. It is essential to visit their home as this provides the opportunity to assess the condition. Specifically in relation to where the puppies are kept and what the parents are like.

It is possible to tell a lot about the temperament of an animal simply by regarding how their parents behave. These are confident dogs and this should be on display even when they are puppies.

Although you can purchase an adult Parti Yorkie. This is unlikely to be a viable option if you are looking for a show dog. In addition, these small dogs need to be socialized when young.

Additional Side Effect

It is the most effective way of reducing their tendency to bark. Failing to socialize them properly will provide you with a dog that barks at any moving object, including cars.

You may be struggling to find a reputable breeder or need verification regarding the one you have located. You’ll want to contact other Parti purebred Yorkie owners to see what they say about a specific breeder. You can also look at social media to find feedback from people that have used the breeder you are considering. It can be enlightening.

A final tip you should be aware of is that this breed of dog requires a harness. A collar is likely to damage its trachea when walking.

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