Health Grooming The Value Of A Dog Wash Station For Pets And Their Owners

The Value Of A Dog Wash Station For Pets And Their Owners

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Disturbing aromas are generally a trademark of dogs. It’s natural. They swim in creeks, roll around in mud, dash through parks and yards, picking up dust and grime from their environment.

In addition to the natural characteristics of dogs, consideration should be given to the sweat and oils that their bodies consistently produce. Routine baths are to be considered an essential necessity. However, studies suggest the ideal ratio of dog washing should be once every four weeks. Excessive cleanliness in dogs potentially causes skin complaints and associated issues.

Discovering an array of health benefits and risks that can be avoided by bathing your dog regularly.

However, instigating them can be a bit strenuous on pet owners, particularly with the hassle of undertaking it all in your bathroom.

Considering the struggle of getting large dogs into the tub. Consistent fur shaking that inevitably leaves the walls, floor and your clothes all wet. Dealing with the fur and dander that has been scrubbed off your pooch is hard. That’s why the dog wash station is growing in popularity.

Setting Up A Dog Wash Station At Your Home

On the occasions that you don’t have the time to book an appointment with a groomer. Establishing a home pet wash station can become an essential, almost life-saving purchase.

Selecting the right station factors room to wash even the largest breeds, from the Great Danes to Irish Wolfhounds. You’ll also discover adequate, almost impressive, floor space for brushing and clipping your pooch’s nails. Encompassing everything you need to carry out the grooming without establishing a fur-filled disaster zone in your home.

Fundamentally there are two ways to achieve this: purchasing a complete station and selecting a convenient location for it to exist in, then locating and calling a plumber to fix it to your utility lines. The alternative is developing a plan to facilitate the building of one as part of your DIY projects.

Note, the DIY approach will require considerably more time and resources. There will be a number of modifications necessary to blend the station with the rest of the facilities in your home. Critically ensuring that you factor in the plumbing lines and the pet tub drains. The correct connection, specifically to drainage facilities is essential. Fortunately, when planned appropriately the installation becomes self-explanatory.

Taking Your Pooch Out To A Self-Serve Dog Wash Station

It’s highly probable that there will be an abundance of dog bathing stations near you. Should you decide that the erection of your own station is not beneficial you’ll be able to verify and connect to any one of these professional establishments.

These are typically offered by pet groomers, who supply everything you need. Including the conditioners, shampoos, brushes, combs, blow dryers and associated equipment. It’s frequently possible to walk-in without an appointment. The professional and helpful grooming salons staff will direct you to the right station for your pet’s particular needs.

You can also get facilities with individual homeowners who have established their own dog stations and opened them up to the public.

Brown puppy laying on mat with tennis ball. Part of the "Value Of Dog Wash Stations For Pets And Their Owners" article.
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Give Fluffy A Treat At The Professional Groomer

Save yourself from the hassle of this process. Groomers can carry out everything for you. Depending on where you decide to take your pet you’ll find there are a variety of services available.

From full-service baths, that include shampooing, ear cleaning, blow-drying and gland expression. Other packages that come with a haircut for your pooch where you can get styles set to breed-specific standards. Or you can get spa packages to pamper your furry friend.

There are also facials, nail buffs, paw balms, teeth brushing and hydrating treatments. Please contact your local pet groomer to ask about the particular services that they have on offer.

Setting Up A Commercial Dog Wash Station

Are you looking to generate an income from the demand for grooming stations and facilities in your locality? This can be a justifiable and potentially lucrative investment opportunity for you.

Pet washing stations are basically like movable vending stations, they have actually been classified under vending machines. Impressively this negates the need for registring and obtaining building permits.

To set this up, simply purchase the dog bathing station model that meets your needs, then connect it to your utilities- water, drainage and electricity.

The stations usually come assembled, and all you have to do is pick out the right sport to set it up on.

Note that the surface needs to be flat. That way, you can make some passive income as dog owners show up and wash their furry friends in their own space. Ensuring the station remains well maintained is critical to the success of any venture.

Additional Tips

Establishing the best possible dog wash station requires a financial investment. That’s why it makes sense to evaluate how many dogs you’re likely to be washing on a regular basis. Assuming you can earn a passive income, you can justify the larger, commercial dog wash stations. But, if your intent is simply to wash your own dog, a smaller, domestic option will be appropriate.

Putting cost aside, the real benefit is not saving on a visit to the dog groomers. It’s the freedom to be able to wash and groom your dog whenever you need to, as a dog lover, you’ll find this benefit outweighs all other options.

Of course, it’s also a benefit that a home dog wash is substantially faster than taking your dog to the groomers. Automatic dog wash stations can be completed in several minutes. But, it takes a surprising amount of time transporting your dog to the grooming station and back. You’ve also got to wait for the process to be completed. Putting a dog wash system in your shopping cart today is the right thing to do.


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