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Yorkie Haircuts: 5 Popular Styles To Get For Your Pooch

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Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies as they are fondly called) are some of the most popular dogs in the U.S. They rank 10 out of 196 breeds on the AKC Breed Popularity list. It’s easy to see why they are popular with their elegant looks and pleasant personalities. However, when it comes to a Yorkie Haircut, they tend to be high maintenance. The hair of this pooch grows long fast, and haircuts are needed routinely, after around 8-10 weeks.

You can groom your yorkie at home, following a simple brushing and combing routine. However, for the Yorkie haircut styles it’s recommended that you leave the task to the professionals.

The Uniqueness Of Yorkie Hair

The fur of Yorkshire Terriers isn’t quite like the rest of the dogs. In fact, it is close to human hair, growing without shedding until when you will decide to cut it. This comes with plenty of benefits. For instance, it’s why Yorkies are touted to be hypoallergenic dogs, producing far fewer allergens compared to other dog breeds. The Yorkies are famed for this hair which gives them beautiful and glossy coats, that can even reach the length of the floor—but just as is the case with maintaining long beautiful human hair, there’ll be some work required.

What happens when you have lots of hair, but rarely wash, comb or cut it? It becomes messy. The same thing applies to Yorkies. Fortunately, there are plenty of Yorkie hair styles that can be done to enable you to keep your pooch looking her best.

Yorkie Haircut Ideas

Do you want to simply keep the hair neat and tidy, or are you planning to enter your pet into dog shows, complete with jaw-dropping Yorkie hairdos? Here are some simple Yorkie cuts that you can have done:

Summer cut

The goal here is to keep your pooch cool during those hot summer months. You shave all the hair down to its bare minimum. Basically, it almost makes the dog bald. This reduces the insulation, and helps them dissipate heat faster.

The downside to this is that the protection to the dog skin will be reduced, putting him at risk of getting sunburns. In case you choose to go with this look, it’s recommended that you limit Fluffy’s exposure to the sun, and ensure that he has a shady area to rest, with plenty of cool drinking water available.

Puppy cut

This is a cut low-maintenance option, and especially great for active yorkie puppies. Simply have Bella’s hair trimmed down to a short, uniform length for the whole coat. However, for the face, follow the head’s contours, but leave a little more facial hair. This results in a neat puppy-dog look, that you will be able to quickly brush during the grooming sessions, keeping your pooch comfortable (see picture above)

The puppy dog cut gives the Yorkie more freedom to enjoy the outdoors—even getting into mud puddles, which is then followed by a quick and easy bath session. With this short coat length, simply lathering and rinsing the dog will get the job done, and there won’t be tangles that keep inconveniencing you. The puppy cut also provides more insulation as opposed to the summer cut.

Teddy bear cut

While the hair is shortened, here the emphasis is on giving Fluffy a cuddlier look. There is more hair left on the dog compared to the puppy cut, but it is kept at a nice, manageable length. The dog gets to have more insulation, without the hair being too difficult to maintain.

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The teddy bear cuts usually leave the Yorkie with a 2- to 3-inch long coat. While the poofy and cute Yorkie look is admirable, you will be visiting the groomer much more often compared to the first two haircuts in order to maintain the optimal length of the coat. More brushing will also be required, in order to prevent matting and knots from forming.

Westie Cut

The goal here is to give the Yorkie the look of the traditional haircut of the West Highland Terrier (commonly called the Westie). With the medium-to-long hair, more brushing will be needed for routine maintenance. It’s also recommended that you condition the hair. On the plus side, this Yorkie hairstyle is famed for its cuteness.

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Show cut

It’s “all for show”. Here, you Yorkie’s air is allowed to grow and reach the floor, showcasing the natural beauty of the breed in all its flair—you can even add on items like top knots. Certainly, it will need much more visits to the groomer, and you will need to invest a lot more in bathing and conditioning products. For top tips when choosing a parti Yorkie for shows, you can read this article. 

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Yorkie’s Hair

  • Start with proper nutrition, which results in a healthy coat. Without the required vitamins and minerals, the Yorkie ends up with dull and brittle hair that easily breaks. With regards to the health of the hair, nutrients needed in the diet are: omega 3 fatty acids which reduce skin inflammation and promote shiny Yorkie coats; zinc that helps the skin to heal—and also supports bone and joint health; and biotin which comes in to aid in digestion, healthy growth, and normal hormone production. Certainly, all these are in addition to a balanced diet with all the proteins, carbs, micro and macro nutrients for overall healthy growth.
  • For the grooming and cleaning, use products that are safe for dogs. Steer clear of conventional detergents, and they can negatively affect the skin. When taking walks with your pooch, you should avoid areas with high pollen concentration especially during allergy season. You don’t want pollen clinging to your pet’s hair and skin.
  • Lastly, maintaining a routine grooming regimen. It removes the dead skin cells and loose hairs, and aids in keeping the Yorkie coat free of dirt and debris.



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